EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Vincent Traynor

Vincent Traynor: Exploring how we – as EQA Providers – enable quality learning for our programme participants

Session on 24 November 2020 15:30 UTC - View on timetable


For the last 10 years I have worked with wonderful colleagues to develop many coach training courses. I have achieved EQA accreditation for three programmes at two highly–regarded organisations and have integrated one of them into a successful Masters–level academic course. I now also lead the development of leadership development programmes that have coaching principles at their heart.

I’ve noticed over the years that, in the face of many competing agendas, it can be hard to retain focus on the key question of “How am I enabling my participants to learn in a quality way?” The time needed for this can so easily be consumed by day–to–day pressures of business development, scheduling, materials, resource management, quality procedures, administration and such like.

I imagine this dilemma is the same for many other EQA Providers and I would like to invite you to explore this with me.

We’ll be looking at such questions as:

  • How is it for you?
  • What would your Participants have to say to this dilemma?
  • Are there system issues at play we can do something about, as a collective?

I plan to run the session with an open, exploratory mind and not from a ‘best practice’ or judgemental perspective. If change is possible it is more likely to come from acceptance and adaptation, and not from ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this session you will have:

  • Reflected on what “enable quality learning” means for your participants
  • Explored system variables that can enable and inhibit the provision of quality learning
  • Begun to re–examine how you can approach the task of enabling your programme participants to learn in a quality way


Vincent Traynor is a Principal Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and an independent executive coach, organisation consultant and supervisor of professional practice.

He is a Global Master Coach Practitioner, with EMCC Global, and has ESIA accreditation as a Coach Supervisor. He has 25 years’ experience specialising in the development, delivery and evaluation of one-to-one and group-based interventions that develop clarity, competence, collaboration and commitment to new ways of being and working.

Clients have included: UK government: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, BT, Centrica, Sky, Vision Express, PwC, the NHS, UK Athletics, Surrey County Council, Sheffield City Region Growth Hub, Sheffield Hallam University and a wide range of small and medium–sized businesses.

Vincent’s academic focus is applied leadership and organisation development, and adult learning.

He holds the following additional professional practice qualifications:

  • Postgraduate Certificate – Executive Coaching
  • Postgraduate Diploma – Coaching Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma – Coaching Supervision
  • Advanced Diploma Tavistock Institute – Advanced Organisation Consultancy
  • Master’s degrees in Management and Telecoms & Innovation
  • Mental Health First Aid qualified
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Postgraduate Certificate – Research.