EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Ros Simmons

Ros Simmons: Stop talking, start drawing: An exploration of the benefits and barriers to entry when using Drawing-in-Coaching with ‘non-creative’ professionals

Session on 24 November 2020 11:30 UTC - View on timetable


This interactive session aims to facilitate a dialogue about how we define creative people; when or where creativity is acceptable and of value; and how correspondingly, barriers exist that restrict valuable creative tools being used in our practice.

In particular the session will ask the following questions:

  • What benefits can be gained from using drawing in coaching (DiC), for both client and coach?
  • Does the client need to be creative?
  • Does the coach need to be creative?
  • How can we help remove barriers to enable more people to use drawing in coaching?

Ros, will share her own restrictive beliefs which brought her to researching the use of DiC for her MSc dissertation. She will share the findings of this research, undertaken with ‘non-creative’ corporate professionals, highlighting the benefits and value gained by the coachees and coach, both during the coaching session and afterwards.

As a result, of the research highlighting that various forms of fear and nervousness can prevent the technique from being used, proposals will be shared in relation to overcoming these barriers to entry.

Learning outcomes

Ros hopes that by sharing my research findings and proposals for removing barriers to using the technique,

  • More coaches will see the value that DiC can bring to them and their clients
  • Some of the restrictive assumption, about who (coach or client) it is appropriate to use DiC with, will start to dissipate
  • More coaches will feel able and comfortable to use this technique with a wider range of people.

Ros herself hopes to understand more about who currently uses DiC, why some people don’t (eg their own fear or an assumption that the client will think it inappropriate) and if her proposals can help to overcome these barriers.

Participants will be asked to share their own experiences and feedback in relation to the research conclusions and proposals.

There will be an opportunity to try out the technique for those participants who wish to do so, so  please bring a blank piece of paper with you and something(s) to draw with.


Ros Simmons comes to coaching with a broad range of leadership experience having worked internationally within the supply chain industry for over 25 years. Her roles included senior leader, change agent, 3rd party supplier and consultant for various blue-chip companies.

For over 20 years Ros mentored and, more latterly, coached internally, before developing these skills via the completion of an MSc in Coaching and Mentoring. She now works part time as a freelance coach, accredited by the EMCC at Senior Practitioner level.

Ros works with corporate and public sectors professionals. Covering personal and professional development, including career development with high-potential leaders of large corporate businesses or owners of smaller businesses, while focusing on wellbeing with teachers and social workers, helping them find their way in a challenging work environment.

Ros is particularly motivated to work with people who find themselves lacking confidence or feeling voiceless; feeling stuck in their current situation or being at a cross-road in their life. She supports clients to clarify and legitimise their sense of who they are and what drives them. Taking great pleasure from watching people blossom and grow in confidence as they find ways to balance their core values with their professional selves.

Ros uses a managed eclectic approach to coaching, working with clients to assess and select the tools and techniques to best serve their needs. Her offer includes a range of creative exercises, including, drawing and physical movement as an alternative way of processing thought and provoking change.