EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Jane Lewes

Jane Lewes: Supporting 'non-traditional' entrants to the workplace

Session on 24 November 2020 15:30 UTC - View on timetable


In its response to the EU Skills Agenda (July 2020),  EMCC has highlighted the pivotal role that coaching and mentoring can play in assisting organisations to contribute to the ambitious goals of the Agenda and the Skills Pact  . The Learning Consultancy has a track record of designing and delivering practical work-based coach/mentoring training programs designed to train workplace supervisors/technicians etc. to support “non traditional” entrants into sustained employment through a unique approach that combines vocational education, workbased training and employability behaviours.  In a post-COVID world, such programs can make a significant contribution to meeting the challenges of worklessness which now confront huge swathes of populations worldwide.  The round table will look at case studies from a range of settings (both UK and Sweden), emphasising tools and techniques specifically designed to meet the needs of workbased coach/mentors with little or no formal experience of developing others.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased level of awareness of the EU’s Skills Agenda and the potential of coach/mentoring to support the achievement of its objectives in VET
  • Increased understanding of the value of alignment between coach/mentoring and workbased employment programs for non-traditional learners
  • Commitment to continue active exploration and on-going communication among colleagues.


Jane Lewes is a  powerful communicator and natural innovator and a pragmatic development professional with a track record in motivating individuals and groups to identify and achieve their learning goals.   An expert in work-based learning, Jane uses participative methods to engage, encourage and empower people from diverse backgrounds and educational levels to work through obstacles, identify solutions and take responsibility for their own personal and professional development.

Jane has particular expertise in supporting “non-traditional” learners to achieve a range of vocational qualifications

In recent years, Jane has been based in Birmingham, UK, designing and delivering a number of programs specifically aimed at supporting managers to use coaching and mentoring to develop and retain unemployed young adults in the workforce.     The retention rate for each of these programmes significantly exceeded the national average.  During 2016, Stockholm City Council adapted the same methodology to support refugees and asylum seekers into obtaining sustained employment.

Wherever possible, The Learning Consultancy offers routes to accreditation through its learning and development programs;  this ensures that work-based learning enables individuals to gain formal recognition for their achievements.