EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Gerard Davies, Raquel Demingo, John Dooner, & Felicia Jackson

Gerard Davies, Raquel Demingo, John Dooner, & Felicia Jackson: Story for change - towards a sustainable learning organisation

Session on 25 November 2020 07:30 UTC - View on timetable


What role can creative coaching, mentoring and supervision play in future-proofing organisations?

From COVID to climate change, Black lives to Brexit, algorithms to recession – the organisations that thrive will be those with the capacity to change themselves. Does that mean growth or performance? Adaptable or adaptive? Resilient or agile? How can we as practitioners hone and apply our creative tools to facilitate cultures that anticipate complex change?

This round table will explore a creative framework for developing people and knowledge networks. As part of a cooperative enquiry, it draws on practices in media and health, such as scriptwriting and positive psychology, to tease out and disseminate stories of what is happening inside and outside our worlds.

Along with EMCC Global’s International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP), the presenters are prototyping a ‘target operational model’ for engineering and technology companies transitioning to zero carbon. They will facilitate a discussion on what other tools we might add to develop a ‘sustainable’ learning organisation.

What have people got to do with technology innovation? What is low carbon behaviour? Where is our ‘seventh’ supervising eye?

The presenters particularly welcome to the table collaborators who are interested in taking experiments back into their own organisations around the world.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introducing a framework for generating and capturing personal and organisational stories
  • Reflecting on how you might use new and existing creative approaches in coaching, mentoring and supervision
  • Joining a community of practitioners working with story.


Gerard Davies specialises in working with narrative and story, with a passion for environmental care and a curiosity about the role of diversity in catalysing innovation. With 30 years’ experience as a foreign correspondent, media producer and learning and development consultant, he is an industrial fellow of the UK’s Aston Business School, an EMCC Global Senior Practitioner and working towards Supervisor accreditation. He leads Contented, a boutique learning community of story practitioners headquartered in Dublin and London, working towards EMCC’s International Standards in Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP), and welcomes to the round table three of its associates:

Raquel Demingo is an agile coach to technology companies, with 20 years’ commercial experience across Australia, China, India, Europe and Latin America.

John Dooner is a former drama teacher and psychology graduate, and council behaviour support leader, John specialises in conflict mediation, appreciative enquiry and organisational development across universities and SMEs.

Felicia Jackson is a leading strategist on low carbon technology and finance, media entrepreneur, author, facilitating permaculture and other creative practices to help participants align their interests with global, public and organisational policies. She co-founded the Centre for Sustainable Finance Data and is a fellow at London University’s Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies, teaching on the Global Energy and Climate Policy MSc.