EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Ed Parsloe, Charlotte Bruce-Foulds, & Paul Matthews

Ed Parsloe, Charlotte Bruce-Foulds, & Paul Matthews: Going digital – sharing our experience of digital transformation

Session on 24 November 2020 15:30 UTC - View on timetable


As England finds itself in a second national lockdown down, digital transformation remains top of the worry list for many training providers. You have always wanted to ensure that the training and development you did with your clients resulted in sustained change that made a tangible difference to their organisation. Now you have to rethink how you do what you do so you deliver most of your programmes remotely. If you haven’t already, how do you go about redesigning your programmes so you can keep delivering during lockdown and ensure sustained change?

Join OCM as they talk about their digital programmes – ones they have delivered successfully and share learning from those that could have gone better. They have invited Paul Matthews to join their session. He has written three well known books on L&D and is a regular global conference speaker. He is also the architect of the learning platform used by the OCM for their online programmes. Paul will talk about how to redesign learning programmes for 2020 and beyond with a focus on the 12 levers you need to pull to ensure sustainable behaviour change in your delegates.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to redesign learning programmes to go digital
  • Understand what levers you can pull to enable sustainable behaviour change
  • Understand some “do’s” and “don’ts” of programme implementation


Ed Parsloe is Chief Executive, The OCM Group and has been working in professional coaching and mentoring since 2004 and has led The OCM Group since 2009. During which time it has become one of the UK’s leading professional coaching and mentoring services companies supporting organisations large and small maximise their investment in coaching and mentoring.

Ed has a special interest in supporting people to make career transitions to become professional coaches, mentors and supervisors and working with organisations to implement strategically aligned coaching and mentoring solutions.

Ed is joined by Charlotte Bruce-Foulds, MD Coach-Mentoring Training and Qualifications, the OCM Group and Paul Matthews, CEO, People Alchemy