EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Dr Ghadah Angawi

Dr Ghadah Angawi: Neocharismatic leadership - bringing leadership research to the coaching practice

Session on 24 November 2020 19:30 UTC - View on timetable


Neocharismatic Leadership™ is bringing leadership research to the coaching practice. The session starts with a clear definition and outline of the uniqueness of NCL and its roots in research literature. Thus, laying the groundwork for understanding the concept and why it is suitable for modern transformational leadership.

The prerequisites are simple but require personal leadership coaching as it relates to a leader’s own personal journey. Yet, without these three prerequisites a leader can’t be Neocharismatic.

There are three stages and ten behavioral roles for Neocharismatic Leadership™. Stage one is the ‘Search for Opportunity’ with three distinctive roles; ‘Assessing the Environment’, ‘Sensing people’s Needs’, and ‘Challenging the Status Quo’. Stage two is ‘Formulating a Shared Vision’ and is focused on two behavioral roles; ‘Formulating a Shared Vision’ and ‘Articulating the Vision’. Stage three is ‘Devising means to Achieve the Vision’ and embodies five behavioral roles; ‘Taking Personal Risks’, ‘Unconventional Behaviors’, ‘Motivating and Inspiring’, “Encouraging Collaboration’ and ‘Developing People’.


The model can be used by everyone; leaders and coaches. Coaches generally are trained to support personal growth and will find it easy to coach leaders through the prerequisites first and then through the roles as they come up in the sessions. The focus on ethical decisions and altruism is the unique added value.

The idea is to work with leaders throughout the model in 32 coaching sessions over six to twelve months. With the model being cyclic and intertwined, a coach is given the freedom to move between session according to what their leader brings to them. Leaders don’t usually shop around for their style of leadership from the ample research literature, it is more shaped through experiences. Nevertheless, they choose a coach. On the coach falls the responsibility to bring ethical Neocharismatic Leadership™ to them.

Learning outcomes

Participants get to examine and ask questions on the practicality of using the model. They also get a deeper understanding for how ethical leadership works. Finally, they walk away with a tangible tool to guide their sessions. If they are leaders, they will comprehend how to steer themselves to become


Dr Ghadah Angawi has spent the past 20 years developing a leadership effectiveness model based on her research on ethical transformational Neocharismatic Leadership™. Angawi’s Work focuses on practical leadership behavioral roles at different levels and contexts in three stages. From her international and intercultural experiences in business and life, she brings theory to practice in a simple applicable formula for leaders to assimilate and implement. She is a strong believer in teams and the ability for people to work together in creating a sustainable world.

Ghadah holds a MSc in Education for Sustainability from London Southbank University, a PhD in Educational Management from the Institute of Education- University College London, a NLP Master, Steven Covey Certified, Advanced Practitioner on ‘6 Teams Conditions and TDS’, ‘Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessor, Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Advanced Trainer and Assessor, and finally ICF certified.

Ghadah works with leaders to create purpose, self-awareness, and empathy. Her work on personal leadership is registered in the USA as ‘Coach your Thoughts and Emotions™ and based on behavioral science and research. She believes leaders are capable of navigating through ethical and moral issues when given the right tools and support to do so. Angawi’s mission is to touch 1 Million leaders’ lives through her work. Beside being an author on leadership and coaching she is also a podcaster on the topic of leadership.