EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Dr Geetu Bharwaney

Dr Geetu Bharwaney: Transforming our 2020 collective dialogue about the coaching profession into shifts in knowing, doing and being

Session on 24 November 2020 11:30 UTC - View on timetable


The year 2020 has been one of considerable change. As the world discovered the ‘new normal’ of social distancing in personal and professional lives, families and organisations found themselves reimagining and coming to terms with new ways of living and new ways of working. We discovered new ways of interacting and supporting each other, and found ourselves advising our clients and our organisations as they themselves faced a future they could not have imagined. Amid this, Geetu Bharwaney brought together leaders, mentors and coaches from across the world for a series of monthly dialogues, in July to September 2020, as part of the EMCC Global GPS Dialogue Series, entitled “Issues and Opportunities for our Profession in a time of flux and social distancing”. Our collective insights, suggestions and focus changed over the course of the conversations. While Geetu led us on a journey of “needs – challenges – solutions”, the flux of the world cast emerging new opportunities, distractions and reprioritisation – where time itself was also far from linear.

Join Geetu and other peers in further reflection and, importantly, how we can harness our collective learning in preparation for an unknown ‘next normal’.  Join us to hear the key insights heard in dialogue so we can take them forward collectively through our shifts in knowing, doing and being.

Link to a PDF overall summary of all three sessions!AsmXK4ECjBwagjAOVfz42FaPGxlg?e=ZVEEe6

Metaphors from Dialogue 1:  (1 min)

Brief clip of an interview with Professor David Clutterbuck on the shift he believes Coaches need to make (1 min)

Recording from Dialogue 3 on “Solutions” – September 2020 (60 mins)

Recording from Dialogue 2 on “Challenges” – August 2020 (60 mins)

Recording from Dialogue 1 on “Needs” – July 2020 (60 mins)

Learning outcomes

  • To understand how leaders, coaches and mentors viewed what was then an emerging next normal and consider, with the benefit of hindsight, the distance in thinking then from the ‘now normal’ just two months later
  • To be intentional about how we take the key insights forward from this dialogue series, in shifting our knowing, doing and being, as professional change agents.


Dr Geetu Bharwaney is the Founder and CEO of Ei World, a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses to rethink the way that work gets done. The work of Ei World involves coaching emotional intelligence, team effectiveness and emotional resilience all over the world. “Emotional Intelligence is at the core of the Human Being”. Geetu leads a global team of executive coaches and organisational effectiveness consultants who are ‘special-assignment’ led. Geetu’s specialism is the advanced application of emotional intelligence and team emotional intelligence.

Geetu is a recognised leader in the field of emotional intelligence, with over 31 years’ experience in executive and team development, working across 45 countries. The motivating factor for being a leading change agent was not just academic for Geetu, it was personal. Diagnosed with cancer over 25 years ago, she recognised the things in her life that were holding her back and making her sick, and made the necessary changes to realise a different outcome. Today, her expertise focuses on team development coaching, team effectiveness, individual effectiveness and global leadership development.

With a particular interest in using emotional intelligence assessments to understand the ‘inner leader’ and build targeted interventions for increasing emotional intelligence, one of Geetu’s key passions is to equip people to develop the skills and capabilities of working with emotional intelligence in these very challenging times.

As an internationally-respected and recognised thought leader and speaker, Geetu has published numerous papers and chapters on emotional intelligence. Geetu’s book ‘Emotional Resilience: how to be agile, adaptable and always perform at your best’ (Pearson: London) is a definitive, comprehensive and practical guide that deeply explores the subject of emotional intelligence.

Her work is recognised by global businesses in multiple countries, and her clients cover a broad spectrum of industries (global technology, oil and gas, insurance, manufacturing, retail, financial services, healthcare, I.T., pharmaceutical, military, etc.) and include FTSE 100, Fortune 50 companies, government agencies and service providers, sports associations and public-private partnerships.