EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


EMCC Global Provider Summit

24-25th November 2020


Dr Antoinette Braks

Dr Antoinette Braks: The SHIFT from developmental coaching to transformative coaching in vertical evolution

Session on 24 November 2020 11:30 UTC - View on timetable


As the world turns on its axis, the coaching profession needs to evolve too. The next generation of coaching is transformative coaching. It defies some of the understood norms of developmental coaching and significantly expands the potential of the executive coaching role. Indeed, the transformative coach is able to hold the sacred emergent space at a deeper level of consciousness due to their own vertical development to later more mature stages.

Vertical Evolution is one of the fastest growing trends in leadership and organisational development today as it becomes increasingly critical and urgent for us to take conscious steps to evolve during this pivotal time of paradigmatic shift and renewal in the world. While valuable, developmental coaching is insufficient to enable strategic leaders to evolve to the level of consciousness needed to navigate uncertainty and cut through complexity.

To lead the co-design and transformation of our social and economic norms, business models and industry sectors, heal our personal shadow and the rifts within society, and together recreate a more sustainable, healthy, equitable and joyful world for all of us to live in, it is essential that there are many more leaders with the leadership capacity to do so from the mature integrative stage of Synergist.

Find out about the critical differences between developmental coaching and transformative coaching in relation to vertical evolution.

Learning outcomes

The critical distinctions between developmental coaching and transformative coaching; why it’s so important to join the shift to transformative coaching; and what this demands in terms of vertical consciousness development.


Dr Antoinette Braks is a Master Certified Leadership Coach, Founder of StageSHIFT Coaching and has a PhD in Vertical Leadership Development. Antoinette won the CEO Today 2020 Leadership Coaching Award and is the author of Executive Coaching in Strategic Holistic Leadership. She has coached >3,500 hours with strategic C-suite and divisional leaders across the public and private sectors. Antoinette now certifies executive coaches in the proven transformative StageSHIFT Coaching pathway in vertical evolution and designs, leads and oversees vertical leadership and enterprise evolution corporate transformation programmes.

Transformative coaching in vertical evolution takes the lid off the latent growth potential of leaders and promises swift systemic outcomes in resolving today’s complex challenges. Later stage Synergist leaders hold the expanded consciousness to transcend VUCA, reinvent the business model and uplift the organisation to lead to the creation of a more sustainable, healthy, equitable and joyful world.

StageSHIFT Coaching promises a proven accelerated pathway to this later stage of inspiring, visionary leadership at Synergist, attained by less than 10% of executives and growing at the snail’s pace of just 1% per decade. The transformative StageSHIFT coaching approach has expedited single stage shifts for 80% of strategic leaders and double stage shifts for 20% in an average of 8 coaching sessions in just one year. StageSHIFT Coaching is four times more effective in 10% of time invested than most leadership programmes.